Al-Ahly is suing Zamalek due to the Al-Qarn Club banner and demanding compensation


Al-Ahly issued a statement after the club’s board of directors meeting on the island, after which the club announced that it was suing the Zamalek club because of the latter’s exploitation of the trademark of the Red Castle about the club’s title of the century.

The club Zamalek has raised its banner on its walls declaring it the club of the real century, which is an infringement of intellectual property rights to the title of Club Century, owned by Al-Ahly Club 20 years ago.

Al-Ahly affirmed in his statement today that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) does not miss an occasion unless he reiterates that the Al-Ahly Club is the Century Club, the last of which is the congratulations published by each of the International Federation and the African Union on their respective websites, congratulating the Al-Ahly Club on the twenty years since its award Century Club

Al-Ahly stated in his statement that he added this title to his logo, and it was registered as one of the elements and components of this logo, as stipulated by the Law on Intellectual Property Protection issued by Law No. 82 of 2002, and the club markets and invests it in sponsorship and investment contracts.

Al-Ahly said that describing Zamalek himself as the Club of the Century is a crime that infringes on the intellectual property rights of Al-Ahly Club, and it is one of the crimes stipulated in the Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property.

Al-Ahly indicated in his statement that he would file a complaint with the Minister of Youth and Sports to remove the causes of the violation by infringing on the rights of Al-Ahly Club, as he is responsible for verifying the application of the relevant administrative bodies and authorities to laws, regulations and decisions regulating them, according to what is stipulated in Article 1 of Law No. 71 of 2017 By issuing the Sports Law.

The club also announced an official communication to the relevant investigation authorities to investigate the infringement of one of the rights protected to Al-Ahly Club, which is stipulated in the Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property.

In his statement, Al-Ahly added that he will institute a claim for compensation before the competent courts for material damages to the Al-Ahly Club, his investments and his commercial rights, as a result of infringing his title and slogan, which is one of the components and elements of his investments.


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