Al-Ahly refuses to increase the “price” of buying Ramadan Sobhi from 48 million pounds


Al-Ahly officials refused to increase the price of Ramadan Subhi, the loaned player from the English Huddersfield team, for 3 or 3.5 million dollars, despite the team’s need for his efforts, due to the financial crisis that the club is suffering and even the whole world due to the “pandemic” of Corona that swept the whole world and caused the freezing of activity The athlete is a global player, and Red Castle officials see that Ramadan Sobhi is an important and influential player and the club wants to buy it permanently after the end of his loan at the end of the current season, but the club’s treasury is currently suffering due to the repercussions of the Corona crisis, so it will be very difficult to conclude the deal with more than 3 million or 3 million and 500 thousand dollars At the latest, which is equivalent to 48 million Egyptian pounds, which is a large amount under the current circumstances and in light of the decline in the prices of players globally due to the “pandemic” of Corona.

“Seventh Day” was learned by Swiss coach Rene Weiler For my family He informed the club administration of his need for Ramadan Sobhi due to his young age and his high technical capabilities, but at the same time he understands the financial conditions of the club now and knows that Al-Ahly cannot respond to financial demands reported in by Huddersfield who previously set 9 million pounds sterling to dispense with Ramadan Sobhi before retreating The English club is reducing this amount to 6 million pounds, an amount that Al-Ahly officials see as great.

The coming period will witness the developments of this deal, especially as there are European clubs that have expressed their desire to include Ramadan Sobhi according to foreign reports. In order to define Ramadan Sobhi’s position, because failure to sign him means that Al-Ahly needs to include an alternative player.


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