Al-Ahly TV channel: “Al-Dakr” is confronted like men and does not take cover in a horse


Al-Ahly channel criticized Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, for attacking Al-Ahmar club and directing an attack that deals with their financial liability.

Mansour had attacked the Al-Ahly administration and accused them of seizing public money and selling the watches he received as gifts from Turki Al-Sheikh, the honorary president whose name was removed from the list of honor heads, demanding – that is, Mansour – Mahmoud al-Khatib to respond.

Ibrahim Al-Manisi, head of Al-Ahly magazine, said on Al-Nadi Al-Ahmar channel: “The president of Zamalek describes himself as a dungeon, and he takes refuge in parliamentary immunity and cannot confront without it.”

Al-Manisi sent a message to Mourtada: “You demand that you be immune from Badkar to respond to you and challenge you if you give it up. Al-Dakar faces a man to a man and a chest of shame.”

He continued, “Mortada Mansour filed 60 reports, and 6 supervisory authorities investigated the accusations leveled against the ways of disbursing Turki Al-Sheikh’s donations and found his lie and slander.”

He explained, “The Public Prosecutor and the Financial Inspection Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the illegal earning device, the Supreme Funds Procurement office, management oversight, and the Central Accountability Authority and a court verdict have proven the integrity of the Al-Ahly administration position.”

He revealed, “The supervisory authorities have confirmed the presence of the hours donated by Al Sheikh in the treasury of the club.”

He ended “the court ruling and the decision of the Attorney General to save the investigations, shut up everyone to turn into distortion via satellite channels.”

Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, attacked his counterpart Mahmoud Al-Khatib and Al-Ahly’s board of directors, against the background of his crisis with the Al-Sheikh family.

Al-Ahly’s administration lodged a complaint with the National Media Authority against Mansour because of what it considered “excesses” directed by the President of Zamalek via his club’s channel.

Today, the club’s management sent a letter to the Football Association and the Olympic Committee requesting that the association’s position be determined definitively from the numerous complaints submitted by Al-Ahly over the past period against the excesses of the President of Zamalek club, and has not been decided or investigated until now for unknown reasons.

The club’s management stressed in its speech that Al-Ahly had run out of patience with what is happening in deviating from all rules of sports ethics, and that the Football Association did not decide on the complaints supported by the documents and did not justify the reasons for that, verbally or in writing.

The club’s management has requested a final response, either to settle the complaints or announce stepping down from their discussion, after which Al-Ahly will take all measures that are guaranteed by international laws and regulations, to stop and deter the head of the Zamalek club, who transgresses, insults, insults, and delves into symptoms without accountability or supervision.

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