Al-Hadid suddenly rose to the tenth floor, and the cement fell on his neck


We publish the prices of building materials, especially the price of iron and cement, today, Thursday 4-6-2020, at the end of the week’s trading in commodity markets, as markets begin their willingness to enter into a wave of price turmoil with the return of the dollar exchange market to tension again, and the rise in the price of the dollar against the pound Egyptian, crossing the 16-pound barrier.

Iron prices stabilized locally, at the relative increases achieved in some species yesterday, with expectations of growth in terms of the gradual activity in buying and selling.

The price of a ton of Ezz Al-Dekheila iron was 10400 pounds, delivered to the consumer, and a ton of armaments was about 9700 pounds.

The prices of iron in Egypt recorded a slight rise today, as decimal iron recorded 9500 pounds per ton, and porter steel prices reached 9500 pounds per ton.

Meanwhile, Bishay Steel recorded the delivery of the distributor at 9800 pounds per ton, Maadi Steel recorded 9800 pounds per ton, and Attia and Sarhan recorded 9750 pounds per ton.

The Chinese iron Bianco recorded 9500 pounds per ton, the Egyptian iron recorded 9600 pounds per ton, the Kumi iron recorded 9600 pounds per ton, and the ferryman’s iron scored about 9550 pounds.

Cement markets recorded stability at yesterday’s rates, as Al-Suwaidi Cement recorded 735 pounds, and Helwan Cement recorded 735 pounds per ton.

Also, a ton of reinforced cement recorded about 725 pounds for the delivery of the factory, and Cement of Bahr cement recorded 730 pounds per ton.

Special cement recorded 735 pounds per ton, Aswan recorded 725 pounds per ton, and Suez Cement recorded 720 pounds per ton.

Military cement of Beni Suef recorded a decline to about 730 pounds per ton, and Lafarge Cement scored about 735 pounds per ton.

Suez Sea Water recorded 735 pounds per ton, and El-Arish Cement recorded 735 pounds per ton.


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