Al-Jinaini: All delays were caused by force majeure … Congratulations the return of football


Amr Al-Janaini, head of the five-year committee in charge of managing the Football Association, affirmed that the Olympic team’s commitments make it necessary for us to provide training methods, saying: “We are going to answer a medal,” adding: “We do not want to postpone … all postponements were due to force majeure .. Congratulations for the return of football “.

Al-Janaini added in the press conference: “There is a medical manual for work that matches with what was approved by the International Federation and is being applied by European federations .. We created a medical working directory for dressing room and playground procedures next to the Ministry’s medical guide other than FIFA,” noting that all of this is being applied and it has been spent Hand it over to the General Assembly to start implementing it.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports announced during the press conference held today, Monday, the details of the return of sports activity and precautionary measures related to the return of activity, in the presence of Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Osama Haykal, the Minister of Information, and revealed the codes and controls for the return of the activity and a guide for that.

The instructions came in 5 points as follows ..

Code 1 .. Guidelines for controls of the return of sports activity in sports clubs and youth centers

Code 2 .. Guidance on controls for the return of activity in sports federations

Code 3 .. Guidelines for controls for the return of the activities of national teams and the Olympic preparation

Code 4 .. Guidelines for restoring activity in health clubs and fitness halls

Code 5 .. Guidelines for restoring football activity



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