Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb acknowledges the historic killing of its leader




Abdelmalek Droukdel

Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb acknowledged in an audio recording the killing of its historic leader, Algerian Abdelmalek Droukdel, which France announced annihilated in early June.

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French defense: Algerian leader Droukdel killed

A leader of the organization, who identified himself as: Abu Abdul-Ilah Ahmad, in an audio recording carried by the “Al-Andalus Foundation”, the organization’s media arm, announced on Thursday that Droukdel was killed, vowing to continue the fight against French forces and leaders of the countries of the region.

On Friday, France confirmed that its forces had killed Droukdel in northern Mali, near the border with Algeria.

“Abdel-Malik Droukdel, a member of the steering committee of al-Qaeda, was leading all al-Qaeda groups in North Africa and the Sahel, including the Muslim and Muslim support group, one of the main terrorist groups active in the Sahel,” said Mali Iyad Ag. Ghali, who belongs to the Tuareg.

Informed sources said that this historical leader of the “jihadi movement” in Morocco, who had been sponsoring several groups in the Sahel region, was killed Thursday in Tel Khandaq, northwest of the financial city of Tasalit.

Several “jihadist” groups were active in the Sahel region and unified in 2017 in the “Victory of Islam and Muslims” and announced their allegiance to Droukdel.

The United States indicated that it provided intelligence that helped monitor Droukdel.

Source: “AFP”

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