Al Watan Sport After deleting the name “Al-Sheikh” .. Get to know the most prominent honor leaders of Al-Ahly throughout its history


08:29 PM | Tuesday 02 June 2020

After deleting a name

Khatib and Turkish

Board of Directors announced Alahli football club, Headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, on 5 fiery decisions in the meeting that took place today morning, which came on top of which was to remove the name of Turki Al-Sheikh from the list of honorary presidents of the club.

The president of the club, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, chaired the meeting, from the club’s branch in Sheikh Zayed, where the council met via video conference, after the “Al-Khatib” meeting first with the club’s legal committee, to seek the views of its members on many of the matters that floated in the sports field in the recent period, before the presentation on Board of Directors at the meeting.

Al-Ahly’s board of directors granted the club’s honorary presidency to Al-Sheikh’s departure in 2017, making it the second Saudi to hold this position after Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal, before announcing the removal of his name from the club’s honorary list today.

Including Nasser, Sadat and Prince Al-Faisal

“Al-Watan Sport” will monitor you, the list of honor heads of Al-Ahly Club after removing the name Turki Al-Sheikh from the list, which came as follows:

1. Mitchell Anas 1908

2. Muhammad Tawfiq Rifaat Pasha, 1922

3. Abdul Khaleq Tharwat Pasha 1927

4. Muhammad Mahmoud Pasha 1928

5. Aziz Ezzat Pasha 1929

6. Muhammad Sharif Sabri Pasha 1941

7. Prince Ismail Dawood 1942

8. Muhammad Taher Pasha 1942

9. Mohamed Naguib, 1954

10. Gamal Abdel Nasser, 1956

11. Think about Abaza 1973

12. Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal 1973

13. Mohamed Fouad Serag El-Din 1976

14. Sayed Merhi 1978

15. Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat 1978

16. Gehan Sadat, 1978

17. Murad Fahmy 1983

18. Abdel Moneim Wehbe 1983

19. Mukhtar Elche 1984

20. Noureddine Tarraf 1984

21. Fahd Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah 1985

22. Youssef Ezz El-Din 1996


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