Al Watan Sport Ahmed Fathi’s wife reveals her journey against Corona: ready to donate plasma


1:51 AM | Sunday 14 June 2020

Ahmed Fathi's wife reveals her journey against Corona: ready to donate plasma

Ahmed Fathi and his wife

Nora Ismail, wife revealed Ahmad Fathi Al-Ahly player, who moved to Pyramids Club by the end of the season, details that she and her three daughters have recently been infected with the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

Fathi’s wife wrote through her official account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, on the blessing of health, by thanking all my dear people who reassured me in any way and very sorry that I could not go after the phone or the messenger because I was in very distress, may God write it on Limit”.

And she continued: “The concern is that you are responsible for everything around you and move you to see a hospital and I and my daughter were very tired and Mama and Papa I was very afraid for them because I was seeing them almost every day I had a dominant feeling that I died and a sense of guilt that I went back around me and between doctors I want to help And doctors do not want to take chances and show us because we are afraid, and this is their right, of course, and there are good results and results.

She added: “The advice remained from me if I was doing everything necessary, right, I am wearing a mask and I am with my relatives and close friends, and I was wearing it while I was out of the house, but all people must wear a mask, and it is with any extent and anywhere even if at home and also washing the religion Every grill, healthy eating, sun, and psyche are good, because Josie and I used to die from fear, even though we believe in God and his destiny. ”

The wife of the Red Castle player went on, “If there is any doubt that he has a sincere worry and does not go to work, he wipes it, nor does anything need to be treated at home and isolates himself for two weeks with vitamins and medications, and God willing, he will remain as full, even if he feels pain in the chest, he makes CT scans, and if he wants, any inquiry or his assistant will communicate with me without hesitation I also donate plasma to my belongings to any extent, and may God keep you for me. I knew I was dear to all people, may God protect you all with your love so much. ”


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