Al Watan Sport Al-Janaini: The new Jabaliya Council for one year and FIFA’s objection is unacceptable


10:39 AM | Tuesday 02 June 2020

Al-Janaini: The new Jabaliya Council for one year and FIFA's objection is unacceptable

Amr Al-Janaini, President of the Football Association

Confirmed Amr Al-Janaini Chairman of the five-year interim committee in charge of administration Football AssociationAccording to Egyptian law, the term of the next Football Association Council will be only one year.

“Al-Janayni” said in radio statements with the media, Ahmed Schubert: “Even if the International Football Federation sent” FIFA “, requesting that the next elected council term be 4 years, the Egyptian law must be implemented, and elections will be held for one year, then new elections will be held. After the end of the Tokyo Olympics 2021, it results in an elected council for a period of 4 years. ”

The chairman of the quinquennial committee added: “Everything that is reported about the interference of people from abroad in the committee’s work is baseless … and by one word we hear everyone’s opinions, but we implement what we see as correct.”

The term of the five-year committee expires on July 31, and the Tokyo Olympics was postponed for a year to be held in 2021, instead of 2020, due to measures to tackle the emerging corona virus.

The elections are challenged if they are held for 4 years

The forthcoming Football Association elections faces the specter of nullity if it is held for four years.

Hisham Hatab, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, revealed that the International Football Association “FIFA” is unable to adhere to holding elections for the Football Association for a period of four years, and that the mountain elections are threatened by stabbing if they are held for the same period. Under Egyptian law, new elections will be held to choose an elected council for a period of four years, after the end of the Tokyo Olympics.


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