Ali Abdul Rahim’s death … He suffered a stroke and was coerced


The artist just died Ali Abdul Rahim Which presented many artworks that remain engraved in the minds of the Egyptian viewer.

And he was exposed to Abd al-Rahim in his life to some crises, perhaps the most prominent of which is his health crisis, which is a stroke in the brain, and the reason for this was a girl who bowed him in the location of photography, something that negatively affected his psyche, as he carried her negative words on his nerves, which caused a stroke in the brain.

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Because of this health crisis, Ali Abdul Rahim moved away from the camera and participated in many artworks until he recovered.

Among the crises that Abd al-Rahim revealed during press statements was that he was coerced by robbery at the hands of some young men, as he was returning late, and the doctor treating him recommended that he should do some exercises and walk on his foot, leaning on a crutch, and in fact young men attacked and stole from him. His wallet “that contained some money.

It is noteworthy that Ali Abdul Rahim presented many good artworks, including “Shams Al-Zanati”, “King Farouk” and “Shadow of the Warrior”.

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