Amazon imposes a ban on the use of technology by the US police to identify faces


In a decisive decision, the company announced “Amazon” yesterday, Wednesday, that it will impose a ban, for a full year, on the use of the American police technology to identify faces, asking Congress to tighten legal controls that govern the use of this technology, and the American giant group in the areas of retail and computing said in a statement : “We impose a one-year ban on police using Amazon’s facial recognition technology.”

The move comes in the midst of massive demonstrations in the United States against police violence and racism, and the American company has made clear that it hopes that this one-year ban will give Congress enough time to implement the appropriate rules, and we are ready to help if requested, according to AFP.

The move came after an invitation by human rights organizations struggling to combat racial disparity in the country demanding that “Amazon” cease its technical cooperation with the US police, according to Sky News.

These organizations said in a petition posted on the Internet that Amazon nurtures and benefits the systemic injustice of equality, inequality and violence against groups of African descent..

And human rights organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, have been calling on Amazon for two years to stop providing the police with facial recognition technology..

In its statement distributed by the “Athena” coalition, which includes organizations indicating the negative impact of the group, from the environment to working conditions, human rights organizations said that Amazon has long sought to become the technical backbone of the police and immigration police, by actively promoting the Amazon Web Services + ( Cloud storage), facial recognition software and surveillance cameras (Ring).

Activists have accused Amazon of contributing to the criminalization of colored groups, The death of George Floyd, a defenseless African citizen, suffocated under the knee of a white police officer while he was arrested in Minneapolis two weeks ago, sparked protests across the United States..


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