America .. New orders to arrest 3 policemen in the Floyd case


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Minnesota Prosecutor Keith Ellison on Wednesday called for calm on a case George FloydHe pointed out that new orders were issued to arrest 3 policemen in the case.

At a press conference, Ellison pledged to work to formulate a strong case for Floyd’s death, stressing that the new charges were in favor of justice.

“The George Floyd affair matters to us and we will seek justice,” said Ellison.

It was US Senator Amy Kloppuchar Wednesday that the prosecutor investigating the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis had re-described the facts and would be charged to the policeman who crouched Floyd’s neck on a second-degree murder, with charges also charged against the other three policemen.

Demonstrators holding a picture of Gorge Floyd in Michigan
Demonstrators holding a picture of Gorge Floyd in Michigan

Kloppushar wrote on Twitter that “Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will further accuse (police) Derek Schofen of the murder of George Floyd of a second-degree crime and also charge the other three policemen,” stressing, “It is another important step for the judiciary.”

Schofen was charged last week with a third-degree crime.

The prosecutor also charged the officer, Derek Schofen, who pressed Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, from third-degree to second-degree murder.

The announcement comes more than a week after Floyd was killed under the knee of an American officer named Derek Chauvin, sparking protests across the country calling for an end to police violence against African-Americans.

Protests after the murder of George Floyd
Protests after the murder of George Floyd

An autopsy of Floyd revealed that the latter had died “killed”, after suffering a “heart attack” as a result of “pressure on his neck” by police officers, according to the pathologist.

Heinben County coroner added in a statement last Tuesday that Floyd “suffered a heart-pulmonary stroke”, because he was grounded by the police who threw his weight on him, noting that when he died he was under the influence of Fentanyl analgesic, which is a strong opioid.

It is noteworthy that several major cities in the United States witnessed mass protests for the eighth consecutive night in the continuation of the protest that started after the killing of Floyd, at the hands of the police in Minneapolis, raising the slogans of “black lives are important.”

From America's protests
From Americas protests

While the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced on Wednesday morning (3 Greenwich) that it had transferred about 1,600 military forces to the capital, Washington, after violent protests in the city overnight for days.

Some cities in the country witnessed looting and cracking of shops and commercial centers, as well as separate attacks on members of the police, which led yesterday, according to what the official authorities announced, wounding 5 policemen.

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