Amir Mortada: I cannot force any player to take training.


Amir Mortada Mansour, the supervisor of the ball at Zamalek, confirmed that his club is not against the decision to resume activity, but at the same time does not agree to complete the league competition for several reasons.

“Football is ultimately for entertainment, and there are priorities such as health and safety,” he said in televised comments to On Time Sports.

He added: “What is happening now is semi-suicide, I will not throw myself in perdition, and this is the words of some players in Zamalek.”

He continued: “I cannot force any player or one of the members of the technical staff to take part in training, and the current circumstances are not normal and the list cannot be applied to anyone at this time.”

He pointed out that Zamalek is not against the resumption of activity, but if there were 4 or 5 games remaining, he would have agreed to complete the competition, as opposed to 17 games that had not yet been played in the league.

He pointed out that Voice of Mind says that he cannot play 17 games in just two months, and each team has run for more than two games a week, for several complicated matters.

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