Ammar Hamdi: Pyramids requests my final admission


Ammar Hamdi, the loaned player for Al-Ahly ranks, confirmed that Pyramids requested his inclusion permanently during the next summer transfer period, indicating that he wants to have a role with Al-Ahmar if he continues.

“Yes, Pyramids is negotiating with me. Amr Bassiouni, Contracting Director, and Mamdouh Eid, the club’s executive director, contacted me to join me,” Ammar Hamdi said in telephone statements to “On Time Sports 2” channel on Saturday evening.

The 21-year-old added: “Pyramids wants to sign me permanently, not on loan.”

He explained: “Pyramids officials told me that they will communicate with Al-Ahly club, and I told them that I am under the club’s command about anything.”

He continued: “My first desire is to stay in Al-Ahly, but I want to have a role. If I go back to Al-Ahly and I do not have a role, I will want to leave on loan for participation and participation in the Olympics with the Egyptian Olympic team.”

Ammar Hamdi concluded, saying: “I do not require basic participation with Al-Ahly, but I would like to have an important role with the team, and no official from Al-Ahly spoke to me to return to the team after the end of the current season.”

It is noteworthy that Ammar Hamdi moved to the forefront of the army on loan from Al-Ahly during the last winter transfer period for a period of six months until the end of the current season 2019-2020.


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