An auction on the air..Egypt asks for a war production guard …


The journalist Saif Zahir opened the door of discussion between Abdel-Zahir El-Saqqa, director of the ball in the Egyptian club, and his counterpart in the Military Production Club Khaled Mahdi, regarding negotiations to include team keeper Amer Amer.

Khaled Mahdi said in TV statements to the channel On Time Sports in the presence of the director of the ball for the Egyptian: “Amer Amer continues with the military production and will leave only at the price appropriate for his value with the team.”

Mahdi continued: “Forfeiting Amer Amer will be difficult because he is a big and international player and he has many experiences inside and outside the stadium and selling it will be at a high value in order to save some money in the club without entering into reciprocal deals.”

Abd al-Zahir al-Saqa, who was sitting next to him, replied, “I already called Khaled Mahdi and asked to negotiate for Amer Amer, so the response came that the value of the guard is 10 million pounds, which was shocking to me.”

He continued: “The numbers that were paid in the players before the emergence of the Coruna virus must change in this period because of the financial crisis experienced by most clubs.”

He explained, that Ahmed El-Shennawi, Pyramids goalkeeper Ali Radar Al-Masry, is one of the club’s sons, but the club cannot currently pay for it because it is worth 10 million pounds.


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