An immunology consultant explains why a positive smear is repeated for some Core patients


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Monday 22 June 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

After receiving hospitals was limited to the critical cases of Corona’s patients only, a question revolves around the reasons for the fast recovery of some patients such as “Hajja Habiba”, who is 90 years old, in exchange for slowing down of some cases such as the artist Rajaa Al Jeddawi, which came as a result of a negative survey for the time The third

Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad, a consultant for allergies, immunology and sera treatment, explains that the reason for people recovering quickly and slowing down is unknown and is still under study and research, but among the reasons for delayed recovery is that the patient may have been cured but the remnants of the virus are still in the throat but it is not contagious, so it takes Anointing is a time to switch from positive to negative.

An allergy consultant confirmed to “Masrawy”, that the patient can recover and his survey is still positive, provided that he does not show any symptoms such as heat, high temperature or shortness of breath and severe coughing.

Al-Haddad pointed out that when a positive smear is repeated for the patient and symptoms still appear to him, this means that he is still infected and pregnant with Corona, and the virus is still active.

He pointed out that when there are symptoms on the patient, he is not discharged from the hospital even if the result of his smear is negative, and when the symptoms disappear he has a very high temperature and shortness of breath he can get out.

He pointed out that the second smear of the Corona patient, became unnecessary in the absence of symptoms, explaining that the Corona patient, after making sure of his recovery, does not have to take medications, because he is considered a healthy person and can handle naturally, but he can eat important nutrients such as vitamins “C” And D, A, zinc and magnesium, to strengthen their immune system.

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