An investigation was opened .. Al-Ahly satisfaction after the Supreme Media’s decision to stop Zamalek’s excesses


There was a state of satisfaction among the club’s officials Al-Ahly And Al-Nadi channel after the intervention of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation and the issuance of a decision to investigate the violations issued by the Zamalek Club channel, just 3 days after the decision of the Al-Nadi Al-Ahmar channel to respond to the violations that lasted for more than two weeks towards all officials of the Red Castle.
Al-Ahly channel decided to move and respond to abuses Zamalek head The daily, after Al-Ahly submitted several reports against the channel to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation and a large number of officials to stop the abuse and daily abuse, and no one moved, and the channel was forced to respond with full force and without insult or abuse to anyone, logic, reason, numbers, and videos.
And just 3 days after Al-Ahly’s move, the Supreme Council for Media Regulation started to act and issued a decision to investigate what he described as the bypassing the two channels in the coming days.

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation tracks the state of shipment and verbal exchanges between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, through their two satellite channels, which increased in intensity during the past hours and their transmission to the clubs’ fans on social media.

The Council explains that it has received several complaints from the Chairmen of the clubs ’clubs regarding what was broadcast on the two clubs satellite channels, and the Council decided to open an investigation into these complaints and to summon the legal representative of both channels to hear their clarifications on Sunday 14/6/2020 at the headquarters of the Council.

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation calls on all newspapers, visual and audio media and websites to preserve the values, origins and ethics of the profession in what is being broadcasted from content, and not to broadcast any media materials that incite sedition or congestion among sports fans in Egypt or harm society.

The Council affirms that it will take immediate deterrent measures against any newspaper, media outlet or website that violates the standards issued by the Supreme Council for the Regulation of Media or the Press and Sports Media Code, and among these measures will be to prevent the broadcasting of infringing material or programs as well as blocking the violating websites.

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