Ankara recalls the wound of Libya .. Erdogan’s adviser: We have fulfilled our promise


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Express though Libyan army Welcome With the Egyptian initiative, That was launched on Saturday with the aim of achieving a cease-fire between the conflicting parties in Libya, in preparation for returning to the negotiating table, the reconciliation government rejected the truce, and continued during the past hours in the military buildup, in preparation for progress towards the cities of Sirte and Jafra, located in central Libya and close to the oil fields.

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And Turkey entered the line of worsening the situation in the country, through the advisor of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party, Yassin Akti, this time. The Turkish official congratulated the Al-Wefaq militia on the recent field developments, stressing that his country “has fulfilled and fulfilled what the Al-Wefaq government promised.”

The adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also praised what he described as the “victories” achieved by the factions and forces of the reconciliation government, backed by Turkey. He wrote in a tweet on “Twitter” on Saturday evening: “Praise be to God, Turkey has fulfilled what our brothers promised in Libya ..”, adding “Libya today is on the first path to liberation and independence, but the road is long and needs more support, and Turkey will not abandon the people Libyan. ”

Moreover, he considered that “the success in resolving the battle of Tripoli and the Libyan West, gives an idea of ​​the extent of the vulnerability and weakness of the forces of the prostitute,” according to his description, in reference to the Libyan army.

This comes at a time when Turkey continues to transfer Syrian mercenaries to Libya to fight against the Libyan army, as well as open an air bridge to transport weapons, according to previous reports.

And formations belonging to the Al-Wefaq militia managed a few days ago, led by Turkey, to enter the northwestern city of Bani Walid and advance towards its airport after air strikes, after Al-Wefaq militia announced its entry into Tarhuna city, the last major stronghold of the Libyan National Army near Tripoli.

Al-Arabiya correspondent reported at the time that Al-Wefaq militia, led by Turkish forces, entered a 3-axis mortgage under the cover of a managed flight from Ankara, which sent specific weapons to the government of Fayez al-Sarraj.

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