Australia plans to launch homemade space missiles by 2022


Australia is increasingly trying to gain more independence in spaceflight, as both the University of Queensland and Gilmore Space are developing a home-made hybrid missile that could start launching satellites into low Earth orbit in 2022.

According to the site Engadget American, all missiles and components will be made in Australia, without relying on other countries to develop the engines, as the university team focuses its energy on the fuel system, which Dr. Ingo Jan described as “one of the most complex engineering challenges” for the missile.

Australia recently has a strong interest in the space field, as the press service of the International Radio Astronomy Research Center announced several days ago that engineers in Australia have completed the preparation of the site where the largest radio telescope in the world will be built, and the scientist and expert of the center’s physics and astronomy, Stephen Tengye, said: ” We have passed the last major technical barrier that separates us from the start of building the Australian part of a telescope SKAThe first stage of the project to build this telescope will last about 10 years, and it will cost about 1.87 billion euros“.

Australia is not the only country trying to press for the domestic space industry, the United States, China and Russia still dominate space travel, along with alliances like the European Space Agency, but countries like Australia and India are building their efforts quickly, as these relatively new arrivals can change the balance and make Space trips are relatively common around the world.


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