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With the clock ticking at six oclock in the morning, the people of the new Nozha region woke up to the sound of a huge hitting, and the residents of the area rushed to discover The matter To find uncle military Dead body on Earth Drenched in his blood after killing his wife.

Details of the crime, details of the suicide bomber’s neighbors are told by his wife, because of the differences between them, to return to Upper Egypt 5 years ago. A war uncle accompanied his wife and three children from one of Upper Egypt governorates to work as a real estate guard in one of the buildings in the new Nozha area. His wife works at home to help him with the expenses of the house, and after several years God honored them with ownership.

One day, Harbi’s uncle received a phone call from his relatives in Upper Egypt that he inherited a plot of land over a large area and had to come to receive his inheritance here Harby’s uncle began to think about the fate of his life and move away from Cairo and its hustle and bustle and left the apartment and return to Upper Egypt, but his murdered wife had another opinion rejected and the problems started He knocked on their door until he decided to get rid of the constant headaches and problems by beating his wife with a knife in her head and strangling her until a dead body fell and then he went to his 5 children’s room, hugged them, got away to the hall, smoked a cigarette, and then threw himself from the ninth floor.

One of the neighbors, Abu Mahmoud, said: The clock was pointing at six in the morning on Monday, during which we heard a huge sound falling on the ground. Immediately, we rushed to the place of the sound to find the body of our war neighbor, whose blood was trapped in half of his skull, outside his head, and his feet were broken and the face covered in blood, Here we rushed to his apartment on the ninth floor, which consists of three rooms and a hall, during which we stayed knocking on the door for about three minutes until his daughter Nermin Harbi 11 years opened the door and when we asked her about her mother she told us saying: I do not know what Mama sure in the work is in what Why did this happen to the door, something happened to Mama. “Here the child told us that her father committed suicide and threw himself from the ninth floor. The child kept screaming until her brothers woke up, both Ayman, 13 years old, Shurooq 8 years, Ghada and Muhammad.

He continued: We stayed for about 10 minutes in front of the apartment door, and one of the women, a close friend of the family of the suicidal person, opened the door wide and entered the apartment and opened the bedroom. We were surprised by the wife lying on the bed, dressing her clothes, and stabbed him with a knife in her head for about 10 cm. Her head strangled her neck, and we found an amount of approximately 9,000 pounds lying on the bed.

The family’s neighbor explained: When the children saw their mother lying on the bed and the blood came out of her body, they kept screaming and the girl Nermin collapsed here, hurrying us from the bedroom after her friend covered the victim’s body and we went with the children to the street and when they reached the body of their father they kept screaming loudly. And chanting: O dad, you committed suicide, why are you dying of yourself? Why do you pass me by forbidden? Why do you die like this? You killed my mother and strangled her. Why did she work for you so that she could work in it and strangle her and hit her with a knife in her head why? ”

He added: The child Nermin told us that her father woke up on the morning of the incident and kissed me in the face and embraced me, and when she woke up from my sleep, he said to me: You are my health, it is good for you to be of your sisters. In the hall, he smokes cigarettes and I continued my sleep again, because I do not know that everything will happen while I sleep.

One of the neighbors continued, saying: We immediately contacted the security services, which were accompanied by the Public Prosecution, and the area turned into a military barracks, and the victim’s wife and the suicidal husband were transferred to the morgue.

The friend of the victim also told Echo Al-Balad: The victim is called Fathia, who has approximately 28 years of age. She came 5 years ago to the new Nozha area with her husband and son Ayman, Nermin and Shorouk. She worked at homes and her husband was working as a real estate guard. They stayed in a rental apartment for a year, and after that they By buying a condominium in the property next to them, days and nights passed, during which they gave birth to their daughter Ghada and Muhammad, and days later the husband left his work and seemed to enter into marital problems because of the house’s expenses. The husband stayed for almost three months without work until the wife’s life turned into hell. The husband began taking all the money that was with his wife .

And recently, the suicidal husband told his wife that he would build a plot of land that he had inherited from his family in Upper Egypt in Minya and build it and he would return to Upper Egypt to live there, and when the wife learned about this she hid the money that was with her and told him that he does not have money, and that she does not want to You live in Upper Egypt.

The friend of the victim added, from here the problems began to develop between the two spouses, and almost the suicidal husband was beating his wife daily as well as insults and repeated insults in front of the people in the area, and one day a verbal dispute took place between them in the street, during which the husband beat her on the face with a pen until she passed out.

She explained The friend of the victim, Fathia was kind and she was the daughter of his grandfather and helped her husband with the expenses of the house and she endured poverty and hunger with him from the day she came to Cairo and bought a condominium on the 50th Street in the new Nozha area.

And she continued, “My war always used to take money from Fethiye to buy cigarettes with her. In the last period I used to sit and open it on the stairs of the property. When her husband came, I said to her: Is your husband going to bed and tell you sweet words here? Buy cigarettes and stay crying.

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