Baraa Ahmed Ezz was imprisoned by his brother Zina


Alexandria / Nisreen Abdel Rahim

The Court of Misdemeanors of Scholars held in Borg El Arab Court, west of Alexandria, headed by Counselor Ahmed El Sebaei and the secretariat of Mohamed Abu Jabal, decided to acquit Ahmed Ezz, who was attending the lawyer Ashraf Abdel Abdel Aziz, and imprisoned Nisreen Reda, the sister of the artist Zina 6 months, and fined her 10,000 pounds, and punished the second accused, Mohamed Reda, with a financial fine 10 thousand pounds.

The incident is attributed to the background of a quarrel between them at a hotel in the North Coast, where the hotel’s security cameras demonstrated that the artist, Ahmed Ezz, did not transgress the second defendant, as well as the prosecution’s investigation and its incompatibility with the account that was received by the investigations and its attempt to fabricate the accusation of the defendant.

The court issued its decision based on the clear contradiction between the strong evidence of the witnesses ’statements and the technical evidence, as well as the nullity of the technical evidence in the papers and the statement of its fabrication and its violation of the truth, out of revenge and defamation, as it proved that there is no final seal of the hospital on the report and the absence of proof of the identity number of the claimant.

The doctor who conducted the medical report also confirmed that the injury caused her injury to the involvement of the artist Ahmed Ezz, and that when she asked her in the police report, she did not decide to injure her, as the conflict of statements came in the interest of the accused .. Also, the surveillance cameras that reported that the infringement did not take place


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