Bayoumi Fouad: The late Hassan Hosni is a giant and “I am never his successor”


12:48 am

Friday 05 June 2020

Books- Hassan Morsi:

The artist, Bayoumi Fouad, said that the late Hassan Hosni, a giant in art, was a lot happier to the spectators, just as he deceived them in his many and varied roles, indicating that he is not his successor as some say.

Fouad continued, during his dialogue with the media, Wael El-Ibrashy, on the “Ninth” program, broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One: “People when you say that my day is Fouad Khalifa Hassan Hosni, oh how happy I am, but I am never a successor, because I can never be like him … and I I didn’t say this because he died, may God’s mercy be upon him .. Rather, I said it in his life that I would be able to wear it. ”Stressing that the late giant Hassan Hosni had an extraordinary synthesis and diversity that can make others laugh and can also cry them.

Fouad revealed the secret of his absence from the funeral of the late Hassan Hosni, saying: “There was an agreement between the representatives that we would participate in the noon prayer and then perform the funeral prayer and bury him after that,” explaining that he went down from his house at eleven oclock in the afternoon, and when he went to the bridge Leading to the tombs by the Fayoum road, he learned that the deceased had been buried, so he ordered his driver to return, and continued: “I am not going to take the shot, I will participate in the funeral … I am in the spirit of funerals and not in the spirit of solace.”


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