Beautiful in appearance and substance..Why did Naima Akif answer when they asked her about the best dancer?


The beautiful exhibition artist Naima Akif was a multi-talented and represented a distinctive artistic phenomenon that is not repeated, and her success and fame reached the world despite her few years of age that did not exceed 37 years, as she got the title of the best dancer in the world from the World Youth Festival in Moscow in 1958 within fifty countries participated in This festival, in addition to her talents in acting, singing and lightness of her shadow, which made her fall to the throne of hearts.

Despite her reputation and success, Naima Akef was characterized by humility, beauty of the soul and respect for her colleagues, and she did not see herself as an advantage over her colleagues.

In a rare interview with Al Kawakib magazine in 1961, Naima Akef from her heart spoke about marriage, love and art, to show her beautiful personality, humility, her love for good and her high morals.

The planetary editor asked her during the dialogue about the best dancer in her view, so Akif immediately answered that she sees a greeting of karaoke, a sublime camel, and the adornments of the best dancers, while Panama did not mention that it could be among the best dancers.

The beautiful artist answered a question about her opinion about Najwa Fouad that she saw her as a diligent dancer, and when the editor told her: Do you see that you ate the market from dancers, she humbledly replied: The artistic community is full of new dancers and they are all diligent trying to reach success, and we advise them to study the dance and its origins and rules So hold up.

As for her opinion of the best actress, she confirmed that she is Faten Hamama, and indicated that her favorite singer Abdel Wahab, Farid and Abdel-Halim, and her favorite singer, Umm Kulthum.

Naima Akef concluded the interview by answering a question about her favorite wisdom in life, saying: “Say, only God has written to us.”

It is worth noting that Naima Akef was born and started her life in her father’s circus in Tanta in 1929, and she was the fourth daughter whose father was not very happy with her birth after her three sisters, and he hoped that she would be a male.

Naima Akef trained in her father’s circus since she was 4 years old and excelled over her sisters until she became the circus champion, but her father went bankrupt and mortgage the circus, and Naima moved with her mother and sisters to Cairo, the mother refused to work with her daughters in the halls that she felt wanted to exploit the shameful exploitation and the girls started The four performs in the street until they find what satisfies their hunger and helps them to life, until he saw them on the kassar and joined Naima to his band, so she distinguished in the band and used her to be a wonderful woman, so that a number of directors watched and hired them in 1948, through the films “Love Never Dies” Oh Oh Harami “, and in 1949 she appeared as a dancer in the movie” Set El Bayt “, but she performed her first acting roles through the movie (Live and Salt) after the director Hussein Fawzy admired her and contracted with her on a number of films, married her, and set out on the path of fame and stardom.

Cancer afflicted the beautiful artist, who left our world in its glory, brilliance and youth in 1966.


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