Because of writing “Q” instead of “K”, the Fayoum Governor sacks 3 employees


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Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, the Governor of Fayoum, decided to exempt the head of the local unit in the village of the polytheist tribal affiliated to the Yusef al-Siddiq center, and the secretary of the local unit, and the concerned employee from preparing letters to the relevant authorities, and refer them to the investigation after the circulation of one of the letters on the need to wear a “muzzle” to address the Corona virus The newbie.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Tuni, the spokesperson for the Fayoum Governorate, explained that the letter that was sent with severe spelling errors changed the intended meaning of the directives to address the Corona virus and stressed the need to wear a “muzzle” in order to activate the precautionary measures applied by the state to reduce infection with the Corona virus.

“Al-Toni” added that the employee responsible for preparing the letter did not observe the accuracy and did not adhere to his work duties, as the secretary of the local unit signed the letter without reading it,
While the supervisory role of the head of the local unit in the follow-up was absent, which is considered a serious violation of work tasks and requirements.

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“Al-Masry Al-Youm” obtained photocopies from the letter prepared by local unit officials for distribution to government agencies under their administration that it is necessary to wear
Employees “the muzzle” to avoid transmitting the infection, and in the letter sent to these parties: “According to the instructions of the Prime Minister, the necessity of wearing (garbage) from
Gentlemen, the employees who work at your workplace are yours ……., which led to a change of meaning due to the spelling error in which the local unit officials fell in writing the word “garbage” instead of “muzzle” and when a copy of it reached the governor, he issued his previous decision.

The official spokesman confirmed that the governor discovered the incident through a citizen sending a photocopy of the letter to the number of WhatsApp, which the governor receives complaints, indicating that some activists on the social networking site “Facebook” have published pictures of the approved letter signed by the unit officials and the seal of the logo The Republic.

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