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The “seventh day” behind the scenes of Swiss Rene Weiler, the technical manager of Al Ahly, learned about the participation of Saleh Juma in the training of the red team starting from tomorrow, Tuesday, when the team will train in one group and not in two groups, as is the case in all the training that started since Wednesday. Last year, David Seza, the General Coach, held a closed session with Saleh Jumah on Monday morning in the presence of Syed Abdel Hafeez, the ball director, in which he informed him that he brokered Filler to allow him to agree to his team training, after he noticed him of a great commitment and strong determination to return again Technical accounts.

Siza said In favor of Juma“You are a talented player, and we want to take advantage of your great abilities, but commitment is a prerequisite for your return to technical accounts, and you will participate in group exercises starting tomorrow.”

Saleh Juma pledged to continue the commitment during the coming period to be ready for the start of the matches, whether at the local or continental level, and Saleh Juma is going through strenuous physical exercises on the sidelines of his team’s training on a daily basis since its launch last Wednesday, after a period of interruption that lasted 100 days due to the Corona pandemic, and Saleh Juma presented Goodwill to adhere to the instructions of Swiss Rene Vyler and continue training in the gym, as the playmaker of the red team was keen to go through daily exercises throughout the last period to maintain his weight and restore his physical and technical form in the hope of regaining the confidence of the Swiss Rene Vyler, technical team manager.

Al-Ahly Planning Committee rejects the departure of Saleh Jumaa at the end of the current season, in light of the firm conviction of the international and technical capabilities of the international playmaker, and that he will represent a significant addition if he returns to the accounts again.


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