Beijing launches self-driving taxi service


The Chinese online giant Didi Zhoxing, “Didi”, has recently launched a trial run of a self-driving vehicle service service on specific test routes in Shanghai, the economic capital of China..

Xinhua News Agency reported that users who previously registered on the Didi phone application can order self-driving cars to ride for free, if their departure and arrival points are within the specified 53.6 km of roads in Jiading District in Shanghai..

“Many people think it will take many years for people to be able to order a self-driving taxi through smartphone apps,” said a photo report by the agency.

Didi – the largest passenger transportation service company in China – launched a trial run of self-driving cars on specific roads last Saturday, (27 June 2020), in Shanghai, after it developed traffic lights in the test area to be able to communicate with vehicles, and installed Also, roadside monitoring devices to help cars better travel.

Rainy weather, trial day, was a huge challenge to complete the experiment, Because the water can obscure the view of the cameras and may affect the performance of the brakes.

Dede confirmed that it is trying to reduce the total costs, and that it will take several years before launching these cars on the main city roads in China..

“According to Chinese law, a backup commander should be in the vehicle to respond to emergencies,” said Chang Bo, chief technology officer of Didi. “We have supplied Dedi’s self-driving L4 cars; we are making continuous efforts to make flights safer,” he said. The law allowed that cars could be controlled without the need for spare drivers in the future.

Dede announced that she had appointed safety personnel to be used in self-driving cars to respond to emergencies, and took the steering wheel if necessary, in addition to that, it had established a safety center to monitor the operating status of cars and provide remote assistance when necessary.

Zhang Boh, chief technology officer in Dede, said the company would distribute taxi requests between traditional and self-driving cars, because self-driving cars can only operate in certain areas..

He added that self-driving needs to go beyond being a new but limited experience, in order to become a reliable and effective daily transportation option for the general public.


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