Beren Saat does not know kissing and her husband is annoyed by her lack of experience!


Turkish actress Beren Saat sparked a great reaction in Turkey, after she said that she does not know kissing and her superficial information about intimate relationships, which made her relationship with her husband strained at the start of their marriage.

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Beren unlike most of the roles she plays boldly, she looks naive to sexuality, and has no experience.

Samar recounted: (I was unaware of kissing and I still do not know much about the intimate relationship between a man and a woman.

She continued: (I never cared about emotional relationships, and did not like much in my life, and even when I loved I did not resort to having a full relationship).

She added: (I am not strict in the religious sense, but I really did not have any information, perhaps the composition of my personality is different from most females).

If Beren is honest with herself, this indicates her great professionalism as an actress who does not kiss and accepts the best of professional women with her work!


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