Besiktas Al-Turki retracts and returns Mohammed Al-Nani to Arsenal after the loan


Sergin Yalchin, technical director of the Turkish Besiktas club, welcomed the return of Mohamed El-Nana, the Egyptian midfielder to the English club Arsenal, and his failure to continue in the team next season.. Faces Egyptian star Mohamed Al-NaniThe Turkish midfielder, Besiktas, loaned from Arsenal, is a major crisis after the latter refused to pay the player’s overdue dues with the Turkish club, the value of the 3-month salary, if he ends the loan contract and return to the ranks of the players, and the Turkish Photo Spur website mentioned that Arsenal Muhammad told Al-Nani that he would not pay the value of his late wages with Besiktas, in the event that the current loan contract is terminated, and he returns to the ranks of the Janers team, which he does not want to have the player with him for the next period.

The Turkish newspaper “Fotomac” reported that Sergin Yalchin, technical director of the Besiktas club, decided to back down from his request to the management to renew the loan of Mohamed Al-Nani for another season or buy his contract from Arsenal English club in light of the dispute between the Egyptian player and management.

The newspaper added that the Besiktas coach believes that the team possesses a distinguished group of players who are able to compensate Mohamed Al-Nani, who threatened to cut the loan and return to England again, such as Atiba Hutchinson and Turokkhan Toukouz, and they will join them next season Fatih Aksoy loaned to Sivaspor.

Mohamed Al-Nani threatened not to participate in the remaining matches of the Besiktas team this season, if he did not receive his full financial dues, which amount to 1.3 million euros, despite the financial crisis that the club suffers due to the cessation of activity due to the spread of the new Corona virus..

Mohamed Al-Nani, the Egyptian midfielder and the Turkish Besiktas, entered the circle of interests of the Greek Olympiacos Club in preparation for signing him during the next summer transfer period..

The Greek newspaper “Sport Time” said that Olympiacos has been keen to follow Mohamed El-Nani since last January and tried to obtain his services during this period and is still interested in contracting with him, noting that the Greek club administration is currently closely monitoring the dispute between Mohamed El-Nani and the Besiktas administration regarding its dues. Overdue, which was not resolved.

It is worth noting that Muhammad Al-Nani plays in the Turkish Besiktas ranks on loan until the end of Muqeem, coming from Arsenal..


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