Brazil tests a vaccine against Corona, developed by “Oxford”


Brazil is testing a vaccine against Corona that it has developed



Possible vaccine for (Covid 19) – Archive

Brazilian University of Sao Paulo announced today, Wednesday, that Brazilian researchers have started testing a pilot vaccine against the Corona virus on volunteers, which was developed by the University of “Oxford” in Britain.

The university said that “its researchers began to give the first vaccinations yesterday, Tuesday, to workers in the health sector who have more mix with others with the injured, among them doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers.”

She added, that the researchers “started last Saturday, by sorting the volunteers by following the principles set for the study, where the participants must undergo a test for SARS-Cove-2, the virus that causes (Covid-19).”

The volunteers, between the ages of 18 and 55, must be working “on the front line” at the University Hospital, “Unesv”.

For his part, said the Acting Brazilian Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo, “The country is about to sign a contract to be able to produce the vaccine locally.”

The vaccine, developed by Oxford University in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry group AstraZeneca, is one of the most promising vaccines that researchers around the world are testing to put on the market.

Brazil has been chosen to test the “Chadux 1 Nikov-19” vaccine as one of the countries where the virus is spread rapidly, and has the second largest number of infections in the world after the United States.

Source: “AFP”

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