Bushra is preparing for a series that embodies the life story of the artist Dalida – Erm News


Bushra prepares for a series that embodies the art life story ...

Source: Mostafa Naguib – Erm News

Egyptian artist revealed Human, Details of her preparation for a TV series that embodies the life of the late Egyptian Italian artist Dalida, who presented many unforgettable artworks and songs such as “The Most Beautiful People, Sweet My Country, and Salama Ya Salama”.

Bushra said during television statements that she had proposed a project to embody the character “Dalida” a while ago, explaining that she was initially talking about the production of a movie to embody the story of her life, but the idea was transformed into a series after a French company produced a movie about the late.

And about the possibility of competing in the series in the Ramadan season 2021, she stated that it is difficult to finish the series in one year, explaining that the project needs a great time because it will be filmed in many countries, most notably France, Italy and Egypt, and this is currently difficult to suspend travel in many countries of the world due to The implications of the Corona virus.

She added that the artist Dalida spent the first 20 years of her life in Egypt and then completed her life in France and Italy, stressing that she is keen to present an Arab artwork on the late artist to show the Egyptian side who contributed to the formation of her character and ignore all Western works.

She added that the artist Dalida was born in the popular area of ​​Shubra in the period of the thirties, which was witnessing cultural diversity, explaining that she received the “Miss Egypt” award.

She emphasized that a large number of authors and directors offered to participate in the artwork, such as the great writer Maryam Naoum, with whom she discussed the idea and was very eager to write the story of the late artist’s life.

She explained that she obtained the approval of Dalidas brother to embody the story of his sister’s life, adding that she seeks to make the artwork universal with the participation of many representatives of the original nationalities that the late artist interacted with.


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