Cairo newspapers highlight the government’s decisions regarding Corona and the Arab rejection of


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Wednesday 24 June 2020

Cairo – (ASA):
Cairo newspapers, released on Wednesday morning, highlighted the results of the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers yesterday and its rejection of foreign interventions in Libya, as well as the decisions of the Supreme Committee for the Management of the Corona Crisis announced by Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly.
On its front page, and under the title “An Arab rejection of foreign interference in Libya,” the newspaper “Al-Ahram” stated that the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers affirmed yesterday the commitment to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya and stressed the need for the Libyan state and its institutions to restore their role in serving the Libyan people and reject any interference External.
During the video conference held at the request of Egypt and chaired by the Sultanate of Oman, the Arab ministers affirmed the importance of a comprehensive political solution to the Libyan crisis and expressed concern about the external military escalation and welcomed international initiatives and the efforts of neighboring countries to stop military operations and resume the political process under the auspices of the United Nations in particular. Cairo “on Libya issued on June 6.
For his part, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry, affirmed that Egypt would not hesitate to take every measure to prevent the brotherly state of Libya and its decent people from falling under the control of terrorist groups and armed militias because of the serious threat to Arab national security … pointing to the Egyptian efforts for a political settlement.
The newspapers also dealt with the decisions of the Supreme Committee for Corona Crisis Management announced by Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, and the newspaper “Al-Gomhoria” under the title “Opening restaurants, cafes, clubs, cinema and theater next Saturday and shisha is prohibited”, stated that Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister announced that mosques will be opened And the churches starting next Saturday to perform the daily rituals with all the necessary precautionary measures with the continued closure of the halls of its affiliated occasions, and that the work of public transport and mass transportation will continue until midnight on the start of the work from four oclock in the morning.
The newspaper pointed out that this came during a press conference held by the Prime Minister on Tuesday after the meeting of the Supreme Committee for the Management of the Corona Virus Crisis.
The newspaper quoted Madbouly as saying that the committee decided to reopen restaurants, cafes and sports clubs to the public starting next Saturday with a rate of operating 25% of its capacity until the economic activity of these establishments is restored and the continuous evaluation will be made until the permissible capacity is increased later with an emphasis on preventing the hookah completely. Pointing out that the committee also decided to close the shops at 9 pm and close restaurants at ten in the evening, while the parks and public beaches remain closed.
The Prime Minister added that the government has taken many measures to support companies and sectors affected by the Corona pandemic, including the tourism, restaurants, daily services and cafes in which more than 5.3 million citizens work, and they were the ones most affected by the procedures of closure and embargo, explaining that a gradual opening and return of life were also studied. For its nature gradually, with an emphasis on the commitment to wear masks for citizens and all sectors of the state and to maintain the application of precautionary measures and also to follow the facilities for these procedures and support their application there will be deterrent measures.
Under the title “Minister of Awqaf announces controls on reopening mosques,” Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, Minister of Awqaf, announced controls on opening mosques during his meeting with leaders of the religious sector.
The minister indicated that mosques designated by each directorate will be opened for the five daily prayers only as a first stage with the continued suspension of the Friday prayers pending until further notice, with an emphasis on adhering to a number of controls, which are not permanently opening the bathrooms and completely closing them and not permanently opening the stage of events and not allowing funerals to enter or Funeral prayer, holding the Qur’an or any social occasions, not permanently opening any shrines or occasions, or opening the doors leading to it, continuing to suspend Friday prayers until further notice, not opening the women’s chapels, and not holding any lessons or seminars or any reciters or activities other than managing only the five daily prayers.
Among the procedures is the necessity of the presence of the imam or the person in charge of the mosque in all prayers and not leaving the mosque keys with anyone who was not working in the endowments, provided that at this stage only the mosques are opened without corners or prayer rooms.
The Ministry called for the worshipers to wear the muzzle, to accompany the worshiper on a personal prayer rug, to mark the spacing between the worshipers, to adhere to them, and to continue the cleansing and continuous sterilization.
Under the title “The Orthodox Church … Opening the Churches in the Least Affected Governorates,” Al-Akhbar reported that Pastor Paul Halim, spokesman for the Coptic Orthodox Church, confirmed that the permanent committee of the Holy Synod will meet next Saturday to take the appropriate decisions for the return of prayer in the churches in accordance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers.
The spokesperson for the Coptic Orthodox Church stated that it is scheduled to be among those decisions regarding the opening of churches, which is to open churches in the governorates that are less affected and infected by the Corona virus.
He added that in that case the churches will take strict protection measures to attend the prayers, which is to attend a small number of worshipers and take strict precautionary measures, which is to maintain the distance between the worshipers to avoid crowding and the spread of the virus.
The newspaper added that d. Reverend Andre Zaki, head of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, decided to hold a meeting today with the heads of the Evangelical Sects via video conference to discuss organizing the opening of churches.
Under the headline “The Arab Ministerial Minister demands Ethiopia not to fill the dam without an agreement,” Al-Ahram newspaper reported that Arab foreign ministers called on Ethiopia not to fill the dam without an agreement with Egypt and Sudan, and stressed the need for all parties to refrain from taking any unilateral measures before agreeing with the downstream countries On the rules for filling and operating the dam as a clear violation of the Declaration of Principles agreement between the three countries.
At the end of their emergency meeting yesterday to discuss the crisis of the “Renaissance Dam” at the request of Egypt and under the presidency of the Sultanate of Oman, the ministers affirmed that the water security of Egypt and Sudan is an integral part of Arab national security and announced their rejection of any measure that affects the rights of all parties in the waters of the Nile, stressing the need to resume negotiations in a good manner Intention to reach a fair agreement that takes into account the interests of all.
Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, affirmed that the issue of the Renaissance Dam is passing through a very delicate stage, as a result of the intransigent Ethiopian stances, which, in the light of which Egypt has moved in the Security Council.
Shukri called on Arab countries to support Egyptian moves in this vital file, which affects the capabilities of more than 150 million citizens living on the banks of the Nile in Egypt and Sudan.
In its handling of local affairs, and under the title “Administrative Control seizes 9 factories that win their owners in violation of the law”, Al-Ahram mentioned that the Administrative Control Authority was able to control 9 factories in five governorates that enabled their owners to import production requirements by about two billion pounds and disposed of them by selling on the local market without making Any manufacturing process that violates the law, taking advantage of the benefits and facilities offered by the state for illegal profit.
“Al-Ahram” added that the authority, in coordination with the relevant officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, examined a set of import messages for production requirements that were imported for the account of some factories that work in the garment industry with a view to local manufacturing, where 9 factories were located in the governorates of Eastern, Damietta, Gharbia, Alexandria and Qalyubia, enabling their owners to Importing 1441 customs messages weighing about 31.811 tons of fabrics, yarns and industrial production requirements worth about 2.065 billion pounds and disposed of them by selling in the local market without any manufacturing process on them, in violation of the Import and Export Law No. 118 of 1975 and its executive regulations to fine them in addition to the fine prescribed for them Equivalent to value.
Under the headline “Education reassures students: facilities for correction,” Al-Ahram newspaper reported that Dr. Reza Hegazy, Deputy Minister of Education for Teacher Affairs and Head of Examinations, reassured high school students about correcting answers, saying that they will be observed to the utmost degree and that there will be many facilities during Control correction.
Hejazi stressed that there are immediate moves to face all the negatives that appeared on the first day of high school exams and the Ministry of Education begins correcting the answer and random sample booklets for the Arabic language tomorrow after leaving the answer sheets a sufficient period of time to kill the Corona virus in order to preserve the health of grades.
Under the title “Extending the academic year until September 15,” the newspaper “Al-Gomhoria” reported that the Supreme Council of Universities headed by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, decided to start the work of final years exams in all universities and institutes as of the first of July for a future, and it is left to the council of each university to adopt dates The schedules for the second semester exams in the different colleges according to the circumstances of each university separately.
The newspaper quoted the minister as saying that contact has been made with the concerned authorities to postpone the date of joining the recruitment for this year until the completion of the exams and the appearance of the results so that none of the students is harmed to delay the date of their graduation and the recruitment department will take charge, for its part, taking the necessary decisions for that.
The Council decided to extend the university year for this year to 9/19/2020 until sufficient opportunity is given to all colleges to complete the work of the exams and that students who do not wish to take exams for this semester given the current circumstances may apply to the college councils before the start of the exam date, whether by submitting the application By paper or any other electronic means provided that an apology in this case be for the performance of all the exams prescribed to the student in the second semester. As for the acceptable and satisfactory excuses, they can be presented at any time and in both cases the absence of these students is not a failure.
Under the title “Eva Pharma begins production of a new vaccine to treat corona in Egypt”, the newspaper “News” reported that “Eva Pharma” is one of the international pharmaceutical companies operating in more than 40 countries around the world whose headquarters are in Cairo – announced the start of manufacturing a new drug that depends The active ingredient faviravir and the new drug is an anti-viral treatment that has proven to be effective in the face of the emerging corona virus in Russia after recovering patients in several days. It is being tested in Japan and several countries around the world today.
Dr. Riyad Armanious, Vice President of the Chamber of Medicine Industry in the Federation of Egyptian Industries, the managing director of Eva Pharma, said that his company started from the period of tests related to the manufacture of this drug in its Egyptian factories and started production from it, indicating that there is coordination between the company and the responsible authorities in the Egyptian state to make this drug available for use. In the treatment of patients with the emerging coronavirus during the coming period.

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