Citen: The incident of Messi and Sarabia is normal


Barcelona coach Kiki Seten said he would fight until the last minute to save the Catalan season, while Messi ignored assistant coach Eder Sarabias instructions that it was normal.

In the press conference before Barcelona faced Atletico Madrid in the Primera Liga, Cittin talked about the impact of the match on his position as coach of the Catalan team, saying: “If we lose more points, things will be more complicated.”

On the Messi and Sarabia incident, Cittin replied: “Nothing happened. I don’t know what you want me to say. It was a regular discussion on technical matters.” The Barcelona coach also confirmed that the Brazilian Arthur who signed the contracts for his transfer to Juventus will be ready for the match.

The Barcelona coach praised the Atletico Madrid team, stressing that it is a strong and solid team, and plays amazingly between the lines, and executes the attacks wonderfully.

Regarding his expectations regarding Real Madrid losing some points during the remainder of the Spanish first division career, Cittin said: “We have to improve in order not to lose points until our last confrontation, all we can do is to win all our next games.”

The Catalan coach added: “I will fight until the last minute, so that things can go better so that we can continue the competition, but sometimes it does not depend on me alone.”

On Suarez’s comments, during which he alluded to a defect in technical leadership following the team’s confrontation with Celta Vigo, Cittin said: “It is normal for us to have two angles to see about the situation.”

Barcelona occupies second place in the table of the Spanish league, with 69 points, and two points behind the leaders Real Madrid, after 32 rounds of the competition’s age have passed.

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