Conditioning behind the deaths of patients with corona in Alexandria … and eyewitnesses: Why?


11:56 am

Monday 29 June 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer and Mohamed El-Badry:

The administration of Badrawi Private Hospital in Alexandria issued a statement through its official page on the social networking site “Facebook” about the details of the fire that broke out at its branch in Sidi Bishr.

Seven people who were infected with the new virus, Corona, were killed in a fire that broke out Monday morning in Badrawi Hospital, Mohamed Naguib Street, in Sidi Bishr area, east of Alexandria.

The statement pointed out that a fire broke out inside the intensive care unit, this morning, at Al Badrawi Hospital, “Mohamed Naguib – Sidi Bishr” branch, caused by a short circuit in the air conditioner.

Witnesses from the hospital staff said that the electrical circuit turned within a few seconds into a massive fire, and that no worker was able to absorb and contain the situation due to the speed of the resulting ignition – according to the statement.

The hospital administration confirmed that the civil defense forces and firefighting and ambulances arrived within a few minutes, the fire was dealt with and what could be saved was saved.
Badrawi Hospital fire in Alexandria (1)

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