Corona Control Committee: 5 ways to boost immunity … and a million doses of medicine


3:09 PM

Tuesday 02 June 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:
Dr. Jihan Al-Assal, Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Committee to Combat the New Corona Virus at the Ministry of Health and Population, stressed the importance of Egyptian citizens strengthening their immune system as their first line of defense against the emerging Corona virus.

Al-Assal added, in press statements today, that strengthening the immune system is through more than one method, including exercising, exposure to air and sun, good sleep, and eating vegetables and fruits, to boost immunity by taking vitamins such as vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D, Tonics in general.

The Vice-Chairman of the Corona Control Committee indicated that a national pharmaceutical company intends to donate a million drug doses from a drug that works to boost immunity, and is used to raise the immunity efficiency of “Corona” patients, as it will be distributed free of charge to home isolation patients within their treatment protocol.

“Al-Assal” explained that the therapeutic protocol for Corona virus in Egypt, most of which are locally manufactured drugs, explaining that these drugs, including the one million doses that the company will donate from drugs have proven high efficiency in the recovery of patients, both before and after Corona, indicating that they are produced with high quality. It met the needs of the local market.

She stressed that we need very large quantities of medicines and medical supplies in the framework of efforts to combat the virus, and that the production of these medicines locally, and donating quantities of them to the state, supports efforts to combat the spread of the virus.

She pointed out that the current conditions in which we live require everyone to join together, as the contribution of each party in what can make us cross the road to safety, God willing, in the face of the virus, pointing out that these drugs will be used, either to enhance the immunity of medical personnel, or to deliver them for free to cases of domestic isolation in their homes.

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