Corona in 24 hours Injuries are on the rise … and global health


Books- Atef Murad:

In the past 24 hours, Egypt and the world have witnessed important events associated with the emerging crisis of the Corona Virus outbreak.

The most important of these news was the announcement of an increase in the number of daily infections in Corona in Egypt, and the World Health Organization revealed a “significant step” to combat the virus, saying that there is no excuse for the countries that fail it, and the announcement of Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj Eddin, Advisor to President Sisi for Health Affairs, to follow up on the artist’s condition Please Al-Jeddawi.

In the following report, Masrawy provides the most important news:

– New increase .. Health announces the number of corona injuries and deaths today, Monday

– World Health Reveals “Important Step” to Fight Corona: “There is no excuse for countries that fail”

– “Holding Company for Airports”: the return of the company to full force and the resumption of flights

– American statistics: Half of the population of the United States is out of work because of Corona

– “National Press”: “Huawei” donates 10,000 medical masks to counter the Corona virus

– “Educational hospitals”: urgent perspectives to save two patients with corona at the Liver Institute

– You can start booking tickets .. Emirates Airlines announces the resumption of its flights to Cairo

Madbouly reveals: How did the Egyptian economy maintain its rates despite Corona?

– Minister of Civil Aviation: the capital and Sphinx airports contribute to the economic renaissance of state resources

Today, the “Evangelist” discusses the challenges of the church in the time of Corona

– Madbouly: A long and medium term plan so that our economy is not affected and we come out with minimal effect from “Corona”

– In preparation for the start of flights .. President of Airports Holding checks Cairo International Airport

Health Care launches the “Matchlech Home” initiative to address the psychological effects of Corona

– A total of 7 cases … two new cases of “Corona” were discovered in Tanta Club

– “Moandish Corona” .. Details of the suicide of the housewife from the seventh floor with olives

President’s Advisor: Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s case is unstable and I follow it like all Corona patients

Corona in the Arab world: 600,000 injuries … and 3 countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to Europe


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