Corona treatment announced within weeks


Dr. Hassan Hosni, Chairman of the Corona Virus Control Committee at the Ministry of Health, presented good news to citizens about finding a treatment for the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

The head of the Corona Virus Control Committee at the Ministry of Health said, during a telephone conversation with Yasmine Saeed, on the “Friday in Egypt” program broadcast on MBC Egypt, that the studies conducted in Egypt are promising, and confirmed results will be reached within weeks, to reach For a treatment and not a treatment protocol.He added: “Egypt is working in the field of scientific research on a number of properties. We will not announce the names of the drugs until after ensuring its efficacy and security, and the scientific studies end completely.”

Hosni pointed out that the rate of learning about the Corona pandemic increases every day, because it is a pandemic that affects a large number and in many places, and there is no cure for it, and there is not much information about it, so learning increases every day by discovering new things about it, indicating that the way the disease spreads It is known, but its speed varies from day to second, and to eradicate the epidemic awaiting treatment, which will be announced within weeks.

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