Corona virus: a steady decline in confirmed cases of “Covid-19” in England



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Statistics recorded in England show a steady decline in confirmed cases of coronavirus.

According to the estimates of the National Bureau of Statistics, the incidence rate was about 1 out of every 1700 people between May 25 and June 7, compared to one out of every 1,000 people in the previous period.

Estimates are based on 20,000 tests for people with their families.

These people are examined regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.

It is believed that Statistics Office figures give a good picture of the proportion of injured people in society, but do not include those injured in hospitals and care homes.

But the margin of error is large because the numbers depend on a small sample of people who have been infected.

19,333 people from 9,179 families participated in this study, who examined themselves by taking a sample from the throat and nose.

Only 11 cases were found in 11 families, and the statistic approved this result for its general estimate.

The proportion of injured people in England at the end of April was 0.4 percent, and it is now less than 0.1 percent, the statistics office says.

This means an average of 31,600 new infections per week in families, or 4,500 cases per day.

It is noteworthy that this study, prepared by the Statistics Office, is part of a long-term study to track injuries among the population, with the participation of scientists from the universities of Oxford and Manchester and the Public Health Authority in England.

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