Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player to enter the billionaire club in history .. Know the details


Forbes economic magazine revealed that the Portuguese soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo He entered history economically, and became the first player in the history of the round witch to earn one billion dollars or more in total over the course of his career, during the past 12 months she gets 105 million dollars in gross annual income, whether from his salary with the Italian Juventus Club or from advertising revenue and other income sources Of his own companies, ranking fourth in terms of total annual income among the world’s celebrities now.

Ronaldo, 35, became the Italian Juventus player who previously played for the Spanish club Real Madrid, the first team player to enter the “billion club” in history. He is also considered the third athlete in history to exceed the total of what he gets in his career the barrier of a billion dollars, while he continues to Play sports, after golf legend Tiger Woods who did it in 2009, and famed boxer Floyd Mayweather in 2017, according to Sky News.

During the course of the 17-year course, the owner of the five golden balls earned 650 million dollars from playing football only, and his total income from the game is expected to reach 765 million by the end of his contract in Turin two seasons from now..

And Argentine Leo Messi came in second in terms of the highest athletes in the game only during their career, with 605 million dollars..

On Thursday, Kylie Jenner and Kanye West topped the annual Forbes magazine’s highest-paid list, earning $ 590 million in the past twelve months, mostly from selling a 51% stake in Kylie Cosmetics cosmetics line to Kote in 2019.

West, Kardashian’s husband, came second with about 170 million dollars, mostly from his deal with Adidas about his brand of sneakers.

Forbes said the 100 highest-paid figures combined had earned $ 6.1 billion before calculating taxes and fees, down nearly $ 200 million from 2019, after the Corona virus pandemic closed sports fields and arenas.

Swiss tennis champion Federer came in third with around 106.3 million dollars, mostly from deals with companies such as Japanese clothing company Uniklo and Swiss watchmaker Rolex.


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