Decision of the Public Prosecution regarding the killing of “Talha’s Student” (details)


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The Public Prosecution confirmed that it is conducting investigations into the murder of the victim, Iman Hassan, known as the “Talha Talhah,” and ordered that her husband and a worker with a precaution be imprisoned for accusing them of killing her.

The Monitoring Unit of the Statement Department of the Public Prosecutor’s Office monitored the claims of several social media pioneers with retribution for the victim of her husband and another for accusing them of killing her because of the husband’s desire to get rid of them, and circulated a video clip attributed to the murderer wearing a veil while he was going to commit his crime.

Investigations by the Public Prosecution Office revealed a picture of the perpetrator’s statements from the statements of the victim’s husband and his worker during their interrogation; It is that there are permanent marital disputes between the victim and her husband, and the husband’s family rejected his desire to divorce her, thinking about creating a fact that breaches her honor to end his relationship with her, so he agreed with a worker who has to go to his wife – with their housing – and coercion with her, taking advantage of her suffering from shortness of breath Fainting prevents her from resisting; During that time, he would appear, pretending to be tuned to the disruptive situation, and end his relationship with her, in exchange for a cash amount agreed to be provided to his partner.

To implement what they agreed upon, the worker in the costume of a veiled woman was disguised, and he received from the husband a copy of the real estate gate key in the place of his residence, and the husband left the housing key in his door on the day of the incident, so the worker was able to enter, and he had decided to kill the victim before its location, so he took From the bathroom, the robe of the victim was bathed, the robe pounced on her in her bedroom, and he strangled her with it, and he applied with his hands on her neck until he lost her soul, and then reality after her death, and when he met her husband later, he informed him of what he had done, and the latter expressed his satisfaction with this because he wanted to get rid of his wife , And the victim’s killer has performed a graphic preview of the scene of the incident, simulating how the incident was committed.

The Public Prosecution had examined the scene of the accident, and it was found from the debate on the victim’s body that there were abrasions with her neck and a wound on her face, and experts from the Public Administration of Criminal Evidence who were commissioned by the Public Prosecution to raise the antiquities from the scene of the incident found blood-like effects on the garment of the robe after the victim’s shower, and the effects of Semen resembled men with a handkerchief and cloth, and nail clippers were taken from the victim’s hand for examination.

The Public Prosecution also asked the owner of the store from which the accused worker bought the veil in which he disappeared, and she testified that he had contacted his partner after completing the purchase to inform him of what he had done, and the Public Prosecution watched the surveillance cameras in the store and found out the presence of the accused worker in it.

The Public Prosecution also asked the owner of the shop from which the worker accused of buying the women’s robes that he had hidden, and the tailor who shortened the robes for him, who confirmed the communication of the accused worker with his partner by phone to inform him of what he was doing, and Al-Khayat explained that he spoke to the husband of the victim by phone to adjust the size of the robes, which was appropriate The length of the accused worker.

The police investigations resulted in the aforementioned accused perpetrating the incident, and the case is still under completion of investigations and the report of the forensic medicine department receiving the anatomical description of the victim’s body, and the result of the DNA matching of the accused worker with the effects found on the scene of the accident, and the result of examining the nail clippers of the victim , And check the two accused phone.

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