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Sunday 07 June 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Tareq Shawky, announced today, Sunday evening, in a press conference held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Information, in the presence of Osama Haykal, the Minister of Information, details of the Ministry’s preparations for holding secondary school exams for the academic year 2020/2021.

Shawky said that the Ministry has taken a number of insurance measures, including reducing the number of students in the sub-committees to 14 students to maintain safe distances between students during the performance of the exam, opening an additional number of assessment headquarters to maintain safe distances between the two assessors, adjusting the exam schedule and posting the start of the exam to an hour Ten in the morning.

He pointed out that students will enter the examination progress committees with a spaced column (2 meters) from eight oclock and students are not allowed to enter after nine oclock, distribute masks to students, conduct thermal scanning and sterilization and wear personal protective equipment before entering the school building.

He explained that the total number of students reached 652 thousand and 289 male and female students in the general secondary school, and the number of sub-committees reached 56 thousand 591 sub-committees, noting that 16 thousand and 575 devices will be used to measure the student’s temperature, and the distribution of 24 million, 37 thousand and 829 masks to students on a daily basis In various governorates of Egypt.

He continued: “Deep sterilization will be carried out for all committees before the exams start, and all headquarters for traffic committees will be sterilized on a daily basis (after the end of the time period designated for the exam), and allow movement to roles starting at eight thirty in the light of the indicative panels that specify seating numbers, and in the event To ensure that the student is not fit in properly, the ambulance is requested and transported to the relevant hospital, and a report thereon is prepared and recorded in the minutes of the committee.

The Minister of Education announced some decisions related to exams:

1- Postponing the examination for students to the second round in the actual degree if the examination progress committee is in the quarantine range in any region.

2- Allow entry to the second round at the actual degree of the student who proves his health unsafe with a rise in temperature, according to the medical report.

3- In the event of a suspicion occurring to a student during the committee’s convening, the matter shall be presented to the “health official” to determine his exit or his stay in the committee according to the medical report.

4- A student who is late for nine oclock is not allowed to enter the exam and is considered absent.

5- Allow students who did not take the exam due to compulsive conditions (quarantine – the student has a corona) to enter the second round exam and is considered to them (first exam exam) and they are allowed in the case of failure in one or two subjects to enter (a second role exam) to be determined later.

6- The student can choose to attend the exam this year or postpone the next year, provided that he is treated as the first attempt as a legal exception due to the circumstances we are currently going through.

The Minister of Education also announced a number of measures for materials not added to the total, which will be answered from home, namely:

1- Students receive the buclet from the subjects of religious education, economics and statistics upon completing the Arabic language exam, and the delivery date coincides with the date of the exam on Sunday, July 12.

2- Students receive the buclet from the subject of national education upon completion of the examination of the second foreign language subject, and the delivery date coincides with the date of the exam on Tuesday, July 21.

The Minister of Education and Technical Education also announced a number of procedures for international certificate students, namely:

1- Students of international degrees can obtain the Arabic language and religious education exams from his school on June 21 after one oclock in the afternoon.

2- International certificates students can obtain the national education exam from his school on July 14 after three oclock in the afternoon.

Shawky announced the launch of a final review platform for high school students that includes educational content (videos for final reviews) from now and throughout the exam period, available for free under the auspices of the strategic partner the National Bank of Egypt, through the link

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