Despite the warnings .. Zaffa drum and municipal oboe without following the precautionary measures at Kafr Shukr (video)


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A number of pioneers of social networking sites “Facebook” in Qalyubia shared a video clip, during which a popular joy appears in the village of Kafr Azab Ghoneim, which is affiliated to the Kafr Shukr Center, where the groom’s people dance to the tune of the municipal drum and the oboe in the joy and happiness of their son’s wedding. Q », despite the Prime Minister’s decision to cancel weddings, prevent gatherings, and preserve the rules of social separation, to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

The video clip showed a group of young men dancing to the tune of the municipal drum and the oboe, without wearing masks or preventive or precautionary measures, in a scene that reveals the lack of awareness among citizens of the extent of the danger of crowding in the spread and spread of the new Corona virus, especially after Qalubia occupied the third place in the infection With corona virus.

The Council of Ministers had issued some mandatory measures, in order to preserve the lives of citizens and to reduce the Corona virus, including prohibiting the movement of citizens on all public roads from eight oclock in the evening until four oclock the next day, and preventing all gatherings in all their forms and types in order to preserve the lives and lives of citizens From the spread and spread of corona virus.

To watch the video:

Popular municipal wedding
Popular municipal wedding

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