Details of the new agreement between Turkey and the Libyan reconciliation government


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath sources confirmed that Turkey and the Al-Wefaq government signed new agreements, especially on increasing Turkish forces in Libya and setting up factories to produce and manufacture weapons.

The sources pointed out that the agreements included the establishment of centers for the rehabilitation and training of the reconciliation forces in a formal way in Tripoli, provided that the government of the agreement would pay the salaries of the Turkish military experts in charge of the training operations.

While Turkey rejected the Russian-French proposals to withdraw its military forces from Libya, in order to return to a political solution.

It also rejected a proposal to gradually reduce its forces in Libya and confirmed its continued dispatch of troops and military equipment and support for reconciliation.

The government of Al-Wefaq and Turkey are currently working on the establishment of a large seaport with Turkish protection and includes two free trade and economic areas comprehensive with the government of reconciliation, in addition to the establishment of a ship maintenance area.

Also, Turkish oil companies decided to establish major headquarters for them in the Libyan capital, for its part, Moscow is committed to withdraw foreign mercenaries from Libya.

This coincided with the Al-Wefaq government offering to release any Russian citizens who had been arrested in Tripoli.

The event sources indicated that the release offer comes in exchange for economic and political cooperation during the coming period.

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