Details of the training of the first group in Al-Ahly


Al-Ahly trio Karim Nedved, Hamdi Fathi and Mohamed Mahmoud continued to perform qualifying exercises on the sidelines of the team’s training session this morning at the Mukhtar Al-Touch stadium in the island.

Al-Ahly trains daily in two groups, in implementation of the medical protocol in the framework of the plan to coexist with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) after the decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to allow the government to return to training in preparation for the resumption of activity again.

The first group included: The first group included Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Walid Suleiman, Ali Maaloul, Ayman Ashraf, Muhammad Hani, Yasser Ibrahim, Mahmoud Kahraba, Aliu Diang, Aliyu Badji, Geraldo, Mustafa Schubert, Muhammad Fakhri and Shadi Radwan.

The correspondent of “Yalla Koura” reported that the duo Hamdi Fathi and Muhammad Mahmoud had come a long way in implementing their rehabilitation program to recover from the injury suffered by each of them, as they had performed rehabilitative exercises by running around the field.

Karim Nedved implemented the therapeutic and rehabilitation program by performing a physiotherapy session and another session in the gym, as part of the program he is undergoing to get rid of the injury he suffered.

Hamdi Fathi had previously had cartilage surgery, while Muhammad Mahmoud underwent cruciate ligament surgery, while Nedved was absent from the field for a long time due to his knee surgery.

Players have performed various physical paragraphs in the framework of the physical program set for them since the training resumed last Wednesday morning.

With regard to training the goalkeepers, Yankon Michel, the goalkeeper coach, granted Shennawi and Mustafa Schubert various training modules, after the two players had strong physical exercises in the first part of the training.

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