Determine the price of the remedisfer drug for the treatment of corona – health statement – life


The pharmaceutical company, “Gilead”, has determined the price of the Remedisfer treatment for five days, which recently turned out to be useful in reducing hospital treatment time for patients with “Covid-19” due to infection with Corona virus, by $ 2,340 per patient.

However, this is the price of the government in the United States, with private insurance companies increasing by about a third.

The company said in a statement today, Monday, that every complete treatment will include six bottles, and the value of each bottle will be $ 390 based on the government price. For private insurance companies, the cost of each bottle will be $ 520.

“We believe that all patients will be able to get (treatment), based on the additional level through which we have priced remedies and with government programs, as well as additional Gilead assistance as needed,” said Daniel Oday, the company’s chairman, in an open letter.
And there will be general options for poor countries.



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