“Dirt in the classroom, a glass of circulating water, and a partial disappearance of the muzzles” .. Student testimonials with sterilization of high school committees


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On the first day of the high school marathon, some examination committees witnessed crowds and piles of gates before the start of the official tests.

Al-Masry Al-Youm spoke to a number of students about sterilization procedures in their exams and their sense of security during the marathon difference in their academic future.

According to the student «m. A »From Qalyubia Governorate, the sterilization efforts of the examination committees were not satisfactory for him, as the regular school gates were reinforced with gates for sterilization, but they were not working, as well as the absence of temperature measurement devices, but within the exam committee itself, the number of students did not exceed 14 students only , With separating distances between each seat and another, but the matter did not make him feel secure enough, he says: “The text of the students in the committee was not to wear a muzzle, and they used to wrap the students with a large amount of water as if there was no need.”

The student committed to bring his own alcohol hand sanitizer, but he did not notice the same concern at the headquarters of his committee, despite the presence of a health visitor at the school, there were no sterilization or cleaning work during the students ’presence and during the probationary period.

Nurhan Heikal is also from Qalyubia Governorate, but some elements differed in her experience, as one of the committee officials measured the students’ temperatures before entering the school, as well as everyone passing under the sterilization gate, and masks were distributed to students and plastic bags to wear in the feet, the student spotted Likewise, people entered the school headquarters half an hour before the exam started, and they sprayed the teacher’s yard with sterile materials as you think, but the examination headquarters themselves were not sterilized as you think Nourhan said: “The place was all dust, not pure sterilizer, we did not wipe it”, and in spite of She was keen to wear the muzzle at the beginning of the day of the exam, but later abandoned it due to high temperatures and humidity.

As for Rana Anwar, from Cairo Governorate, she noticed before the entrance of the exam committee the intensity of the students ’families at the doors, but everyone was keen to wear a muzzle, and I also noticed that the process of entering the committees was largely organized, as the student passed through a half-broken sterilization gate, scattered Sterile material from one side only as it describes, then passed a temperature measuring device and then inspection and finally to an employee who sprayed alcohol on her hands, and after entering the examination and stability committee, plastic bags were distributed to the students according to Rana, in order to wear on the shoes, he did not bother The student asked the matter, but it bothered her that her seat was not sterile, and she said: “The disc was not sterile, and we did not even add it, I sterilized it myself, but the committee had 14 students.”

It is noteworthy that the examinations of the first round of the general secondary school completion certificate for the current academic year 2019/2020 were launched on Sunday, as 667,315 male and female students performed the exam in the Arabic language, within 56 thousand and 591 subcommittees at the level of the Republic.

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