Discover the largest volcanic region on Earth


Geologists under New Zealand have discovered the effects of a massive magma bubble called superplume, Which in the past led to the largest volcanic activity on Earth, according to a magazine Science AdvancesThat the stream of molten rock separated from the outer limits of the nucleus at a depth of three thousand kilometers about 120 million years ago, and rose rapidly toward the surface in the form of a super column superplume .

Geologists have discovered the effects of the mantle column, during an analysis of the velocity of seismic waves caused by earthquakes or explosions. The speed is high and equal for all waves propagating horizontally, but noticeably lower in the vertical waves.

It appeared that this difference is similar to the speed of the waves in the rocks of the Manheke plateau, located in the north of Samoa Island, and the rocks of the Antoungawa Plateau located in the north of Solomon Islands..

It is worth noting that Russia Today channel showed a video clip of the eruption of Eppico volcano last Tuesday, on the island of Paramusher, Located in the archipelago of the Russian Kuril Islands and tossed its ashes to flood the town of SeveroKurilsk.

The footage documents the effects of the eruption, as ash clouds covered cars and houses. According to the report issued by the volcanic response team in Kamchatka province Mild volcanic activity “that continues in Epico, and tossing ash up to six kilometers” can happen at any time.

Eppiko Volcano, located seven kilometers west of the town of Severo-Kurilsk, is one of the active volcanoes in the archipelago of the Kuril Islands..


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