Do not be fooled … Corona is still dangerous


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Renewed organization Global health Monday’s confirmation that the emerging corona virus is still a growing risk.

Hours after launching Sunday’s warnings, the alarm has returned and sounded, today too, the pandemic is accelerating.

The organisation’s words came from Director General Tedros Adhanum Gebresos, who warned the two that the new Corona virus is still accelerating around the world, and its effects, economic and social, are expected to last for decades.

He said in a video forum organized by the government of the Emirate of Dubai, “At the global level, the epidemic is still accelerating. It took more than 3 months to report the first million cases, while the last million were reported in only eight days.”

“We know that the epidemic is much more than a health crisis and its effects will last for decades.”

The UN’s warnings come at a time when some countries are preparing to ease restrictions, end closures, and resume the wheel of life by returning work and travel, but the organization has returned and mentioned its previous warnings of rushing to lift the procedures of those restrictions, stressing the need to maintain the health measures required to reduce Again, the infection will reappear, and the emerging virus will remain with us for a long time.

The organization announced on Sunday that it recorded a record increase in the daily rates of Covid 19 infection in the world, with a total increase in the number of injuries reached approximately 183020 within 24 hours.

According to its daily report, the largest increase was reported in North America and South America, with more than 116,000 new cases.

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To that she said that the total global cases exceeded 8.7 million cases with more than 461 thousand deaths. The previous record of new infections was 181232 and was registered on June 18.

More than 465 thousand deaths around the world

It is noteworthy that the newly created Corona virus has killed at least 465,300 people worldwide since its appearance in China in December, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse according to official sources at 19:00 GMT Sunday.

More than eight million, 890, and 310 casualties have been officially recorded in 196 countries and regions since the outbreak began. The numbers only reflect part of the actual number of injuries, as many countries do not conduct tests to detect the injury except for those who require hospitalization. Among these cases, at least four million 139 thousand and one hundred people have been declared recovered.

Since the census, which was conducted on Saturday, at 19:00 GMT, there have been 3636 deaths, 147,821 additional injuries worldwide. Countries with the largest number of additional deaths are Brazil (1022), Mexico (387), and the United States (386).

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