“Doctors” calls for the arrest of its members because of their opinions on “Facebook”


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The Medical Syndicate, Advisor Hamada Al-Sawy, addressed the Public Prosecutor regarding the arrest of Dr. Muhammad Moataz Mandour Al-Fawal, member of the Eastern Doctors Syndicate, pending case No. 558 of the year, against the background of responding to the Prime Minister’s statements that raised the masses of doctors, bearing in mind that The executive regulations of Law No. 45 of 1969 issued in Resolution No. 235 of 1974 stipulated in Article No. 62 Paragraph (b) that it is not permissible to hold a member accountable for his union activity.

The Syndicate affirmed that the Syndicate previously addressed the Public Prosecutor regarding the facts of the arrest of some doctors after they published personal opinions related to the Corona pandemic on the social media pages, which causes a widespread concern among the doctors who provide the injured and the martyrs daily while they fight the epidemic in defense of the nation’s safety.

At the end of her speech, the union demanded that the Public Prosecutor take measures to release the colleague until his investigations are completed.

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