Does the AC and fans transmit Corona infection? .. Health officially responds


03:25 PM

Wednesday 03 June 2020

Books- Ahmad Juma:

Dr. Ehab Attia, Director of the General Department of Infection Control at the Ministry of Health, said that air conditioners and fans may transmit Corona virus infection by transporting flying mist from anyone who is infected inside the room.

He added in an awareness video published by the Ministry of Health, that air conditioners stir the air, take it and re-pump it again, and this also transmits infection, especially the central air conditioners that transport air from one place to another, and the best types of air conditioners that depend on taking air from outside and adapting it to the air in Inside.

He said: “As for the central air conditioners, they are more dangerous, because they transport air from one room to another, and so to avoid infection when using it, open the natural air in each room and then restart it again.”

On how to prevent infection with the use of air conditioners, he said: “It is better to rely on air conditioners for a period, then turn them off and enter the natural air for a certain period of time; to renew the air in the place, while cleaning the air conditioner filter every 12 hours, but in the end natural ventilation remains the best.”

He emphasized that the worst ventilation is caused by the fan; Because it is able to move air around the place, which means transferring the infection faster.

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