Echo of the country: We have implemented measures to counter Corona .. The Minister of Aviation: ready to resume international flights


Pilot Mohamed Manar Enabah, Minister of Civil Aviation, confirmed that all precautionary and preventive measures implemented worldwide have been implemented Egyptian airportsTo confront the new Corona virus, which has suspended flights to Egypt since last March.
Muhammad Manar Enabh, during a meeting with the Prime Minister, on Tuesday, Preparations and procedures that have been implemented in various airports, in preparation for the resumption of air traffic to Egyptian airports At any time, as soon as the Egyptian government announces this, confirming the readiness of Egyptian airports to operate flights.

The Minister of Aviation said that domestic aviation is currently operating on a number of flights with high efficiency, especially after opening domestic tourism and operating hotels according to the controls set by the ministries of tourism and health, to control the spread of the deadly virus.

And testify Egyptian airportsSince the first day of suspending flights, sterilization and disinfection campaigns, in implementation of the precautionary preventive plan that was developed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to counter the new Corona virus, to include sterilization and disinfection of all passenger buildings and restrooms in the travel and access halls and counters, and all places where the passenger is in The airport and the offices of workers also and companies operating at the airport, as well as disinfection of all equipment used by workers on the airstrip in dealing with aircraft, as well as inside the passenger lounges, which directly link to the personal belongings of passengers and their bags.
The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced several measures and procedures for dealing with it within Egyptian airportsAnd, by setting mechanisms to alleviate overcrowding inside the passenger halls, especially the places for counters and passports and the first inspection places for passengers and electric elevators to enter the airport, and several controls have also been taken within these places, by placing a safe distance of no less than two meters between each passenger to ensure health protection for him By drawing signs of social distance on the ground to deal with.
The ministry emphasized the application of divergence policies in all dealings within Egyptian airportsAnd also on board aircraft, with a mechanism in place for aircraft crews to deal with passengers during flights, as well as a commitment to the medical scrutiny of all incoming passengers, flying knees and hospitality crews, as well as all dealers and who are in direct contact with incoming aircraft and passengers on flights.
The Cabinet had announced the suspension of flights to Egyptian airports Whether coming or departing on March 19, the government’s decision excluded 5 cases of suspension, including air cargo flights and charter flights to enable the return of tourist groups after the end of their programs without bringing in new ones, international ambulance flights and domestic flights within the country, as recommended by the Aviation Authority Egyptian civil.

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